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Goldentimes Corp Uk

Apprentice Pack

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 Check out our apprentice pack, you can even build your own. Message us on insta with any questions you have .

-Practice Bundle 2 - Expired Ink - World Famous Limitless Primary Colours 8x 30 ml with 5 Practice Skins

-Spirit Thermal Transfer Carbon Paper 100x A4

-Sterile Tattoo Skin Marker Pen With Ruler FINE TIP

-selection of needle cartridges liners , curved and flat mags , shaders 

-Peak Solice Pro - Wireless Pen Tattoo Machine with Adjustable Stroke

-ECO friendly Ink Cups - 11mm, - 500 pieces

-Inksafe Black Machine Bags x 250 (without elastic)

-powder free disposable Black Pearl Nitrile uni gloves, size small ,medium or large 100 pieces

-Petroleum Jelly / Vaseline

-Dynamic 00 Mixing Solution 240ml 8oz

-Tattoo Stencil Gel Transfer Solution 60ml

-YAYO Bubblicious Tattoo Butter 50ml