About us

Who are we?

  • The organisation Goldentimes Corp originated  in Los Angeles six years ago. We have  now expanded the business into the UK  as Goldentimescorp.uk
  • We are now  a registered business in the UK  and  have been developing the company over the last two years. In this time we have built a deep understanding of our products, as well as a genuine understanding of what Tattoo Artists are looking for in the  products we supply. We also understand the importance of providing a reliable service. 
  • ,We are based in  London in the UK and our focus is to supply quality Needle Cartridges to  tattoo  Artists.
  • Our United States customer base is made up of tattoo shops in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Most of the tattoo shops use our disposable tubes and about 65% of tattoo shops use our needles.

    Who does our organisation supply?

    • Lighthouse Tattoo Supply, the biggest tattoo supplier in Las Vegas, resells our tubes and needles and ink cups. 
    • TNO, the second biggest tattoo supplier in Phoenix, resells our tubes and needles.