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Goldentimes Corp Uk

Dermalize Artcare Kit

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The Dermalize Artcare Kit is an all-in-one tattoo aftercare kit that contains everything you need to clean, hydrate and protect the skin during tattooing.

The Dermalize Artcare Kit contains the following:

  • Dermalize Artcare Softwash (50 ml) - specifically-formulated to gently wash your new tattoo, while keeping its colours safe and vibrant. For use during and after your tattooing session.
  • Dermalize Artcare Velvet Cream (50 ml) - an aftercare lotion that has been designed to promote the hydration and protection of the skin after tattooing.
  • Dermalize PRO roll (10 cm x 2 m) - a film that acts as a second skin to protect tattoo wounds from germs and bacteria. Also permeable, which allows the skin to 'breathe'.

Clinically tested, the Dermalize Artcare Kit is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.