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Nebula Tattoo Supply LTD

YAYO Prime Tattoo Butter 50ml

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Introducing YAYO Prime - one of YAYO's signature tattoo butters and aftercare products! 


Prime was developed to be silky smooth whilst offering an unrivalled healing ability for broken sensitive skin.  Prime has been a household favourite since it was introduced in 2016. Prime has been a hallmark for other aftercare brands to emulate, something we're distinctly proud of.


After all, what's the point of getting a sick new tattoo if it isn't going to heal right, right?


What's more is that all of YAYO's products are cruelty free, free from petroleum and proudly vegan! 


About this product: 

  • Cocoa & Avocado butter to help penetrate the stubborn, deep layers of the epidermis
  • Added Vitamin E antioxidants
  • Designed to heal the epidermis quickly
  • Ensures a bright and vibrant healed tattoo
  • Fit for use during and after the tattoo process
  • 100% Vegan