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Nebula Tattoo Supply LTD

YAYO Bubblicious Tattoo Butter 50ml

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The smell of bubble gum brings back memories of being a kid and going to the fairground with my parents. Of hanging out with friends after school and getting into mischief in the local woodland. It reminds of unwrapping that chewing gum to find that fake tattoo inside that you'd stick on your arms and your mum would use warm water to transfer the image onto your skin. It's a nostalgic smell that brings back some amazing memories. 


YAYO created Bubblicious for that reason and more. To remind us all of a time when you were carefree and did nothing but play. 


What memories will Bubblicious bring back for you?


  • EU Registered
  • Fully tested for use on broken skin
  • Free from lanolin & petroleums
  • Natural
  • Vegan